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Now offering a wide range of services to increase your skins appearance. Each treatment will be tailored to our clients individual needs.

More advanced facials using microneedling are not bookable online, you are advised to contact us direct to book these service's Tel: 07379 979655 

Advanced Facial

Please do check with your therapist if there are any pre-requisite's prior to your treatment. Some medical conditions may prevent or restrict your treatment however, this will be discussed during your consultation

Luxury Facial - £40

Luxury Facial (to include LED light therapy) - £55

Dermaplan - £40

Skin Rejuvenation (with microneedling) - £85

Anti-ageing (with microneedling) - £85

Acne Scar Elimination (with microneedling) - £85

Stretch Mark Renewal - £85

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